Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More double standards

Lee Ka Sheng is worth a bob or two. About US$25 billion at the last count. Quite why he wants to buy a few power poles in the infrastructure basket case of the Southern Hemisphere, Wellington, is beyond me but it's his dosh and he can do what he likes with it. Or not as the case may be. Here in Clarkistan you have to have approval from History Boy to spend the folding varieties - just ask the Canadian Pension Fund.

The smarmy, arrogant, big eared git decided for pure political expediency to block the sale of Auckland Airport last month by putting the goalposts on the back of a truck and driving said truck into his own back garden. Auckland Airport was a 'strategic asset'. So the entire power infrastructure of the nation's capital isn't? You can't dismantle either piece of kit (an airport or a power grid) and take it away and why the hell would you buy something and then run said asset down - it makes no commercial sense. But that wouldn't matter to a bunch of socialists time warped in the economic ideas of the 1950's as nothing they do has any relevance in the pragmatic world of the 2000's. A shameless act of economic vandalism in the name of political gain is nothing to these ratbags. Shareholders sit and watch in horror as Cullen scythes dollars off their investments just so he can score political points. We are supposed to applaud from the touchline as the useless wretch ruins international confidence in New Zealand as a place to invest just so his bunch can march onwards to the socialist utopia at the end of the rainbow.

So it is alright for a mega rich chinaman to buy Wellington's power system but it is not OK for those well known international terrorists the Canadian Pension Fund to buy Auckland's airport. There has been a deafening silence from the Beehive over the sale of the electrons. I presume SWMBO is putting the final touches on that condescending smile she gives us proles when explaining something we cannot be expected to understand in mots du weasel of one syllable. If I see that bloody smile again (and I surely will) I'll kick the cat. Or perhaps History Boy is fine tuning 'Arrogant Bastard Look #3' before telling us, the great unwashed who fill his personal piggy back, to STFU and don't argue with him. Poisonous little toad. I saw him at the airport (how apt) a couple of weeks back and I felt all sorts of uncharacteristic and unhealthy personal violence thoughts wafting over me. I had a sudden insight into the concept of the Red Mist.

The country is going down the tubes under the stewardship of this incompetent bunch of left wing ideological bigots and they spend their entire time social engineering. Fuel prices going through the roof - lets pass the antismacking bollocks. People can't afford a block of cheese - we need the Electoral Finance Act so we can try and cling on to power. Violent crime out of control - we really need to legislate against packets of chips in school tuck shops. Health system falling to bits - we'll get the Health Minister to say it's nothing to do with me and ban Grand Theft Auto (or whatever it's called). And I see in the online version of the Herald a suggestion that the answer to all this economic doom and gloom is increasing benefits and more government spending. Duh.

The Singapore President is in town at the moment. I know this because part of the entourage is a friend of mine. He has more than a passing influence on how a proper company, I mean country, is run. He was sitting on my balcony a few years back reading the Herald. 'Can you explain what this DPB is all about?' 'Well not really but I can tell you what it is'. I then proceeded to outline the bare bones and added as a codicil that one in three New Zealanders receive a hand out from the Government in one form or other. 'You mean 60% of the country is supporting the other 40%? Not sustainable.'

He moved on to see how Manchester United were doing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Petrol and tax

In case you hadn't noticed petrol and diesel are a tad more expensive than they were, well yesterday for instance. And the day before that and the month before etc. etc. To be perfectly honest I don't care. I chose to drive a gas guzzler (in fact I have not one but two four litre cars at present and would dearly love a six litre jobby). I was a little surprised at the weekend when a can of 91 for the quad and other powered odds and ends and a couple of cans of diesel for the tractor came to $63 but I didn't contemplate running a hot bath and advising my survivors to buy shares in Gillette. I long ago learnt (not long ago enough to be fair) that worrying about things over which you have no control is a recipe for mental instability on a biblical scale. I personally can do nothing about the price of gas. I can chose to either buy it or not - end of story.

However there is a bloke in this land who could with one stroke of the pen influence the price of fuel and it would not be by writing out supermarket vouchers for all. The AA (the car mob not the ex -boozers) has come out today saying 'The gummint must do something'. The something they have in mind is waiving the GST on the excise levied on petrol. Good stuff this; tax on a tax that they can say is nothing they can do anything about. A barrel of crude goes up in price the excise charged as a percentage of that automatically rises as does the fixed GST on that excise. You couldn't print money faster but as the government does that as well they don't have to. The AA reckon this would reduce the price of gas by about five cents a litre instantly.

What is the reply to this call for a bit of commonsense from my least favourite man on the planet? Cullen says that to do this would involve compliance costs that would have to be passed on to the consumer and they wouldn't see any benefit and in addition 'If the New Zealand Government had changed GST rules along these lines 12 months ago, no one would have even noticed as the benefits would have been wiped out almost immediately by the global rise in oil prices'. If you can understand that you are a better man than I Gungadin. The arrogant dismissal of a suggestion from a group bloody Cullen is supposed to be serving is couched in terms that suggests he thinks we should be grateful that he hasn't cut GST on petrol excise. If we ask him nicely perhaps he could double it for us.

I really don't (and don't want to) understand how someone like Cullen works. What the hell goes on inside his head? Why does he behave like he does? He has no qualifications whatsoever for the job of running a country's finances and he runs the thing like his own personal wallet. He takes money off us and then makes it look like a big favour if he gives any of it back in any form. The country (who after all elected the slimy toad to parliament in the first place) has been well and truly shafted on the tax front for years and are crying out for some relief. 'Tax cuts' are bandied about as what we all want and are pinning our hopes on. Bloody Cullen has had nine years to deliver something along these lines and has flatly refused to do so. He has even given a bit and then snatched it away again - cruel and unnatural punishment. He is apparently now saying we can't have any relief this year because it doesn't fit in with what he, know it all big eared financial dick head, wants. Well sod off. For once in your pitiable life listen to what other people want and get of your patronising 'I know what is best for you' high horse. In fact, of course, tax cuts are not what we really need - although I won't be turning one down. What is really required is a realignment of the tax brackets. Having the top tax bracket cutting in for the rich pricks at $60000 is a joke and has to be fixed. I mean how much petrol can you buy for $60000 this week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lies, lies, obfuscation and lies

I don't know about your mum but mine always told me not to tell lies. Lies are a bad thing and reflect poorly on your whole persona. Tell a little lie and you end up telling an escalating portfolio of untruths to just cover the first tiny indiscretion. If you start off with a whopper you end up with lies on a biblical scale pretty sharpish.

Mike Williams is in this camp already. How can he stand there in the face of recorded evidence and claim he never said what he said? He is just plain lying. What a pity Guyon Espinor waited eight hours before playing the tape and didn't drop it on Williams live. How he can continue in his current role as titular head of a major political party is beyond me. However it is not beyond Dear Leader and as far as he is concerned that is all that matters. She has told him to STFU and leave the politics to the big boys (sic) wot understand this sort of thing. She stands up on her hind legs and placates us, the great unwashed, by telling us poor Mike was confused, couldn't hear properly and other assorted bullshit. It is just not good enough. Similar cock ups by lesser beings, even in this administration, have seen them walking the plank but Dear Leader needs Williams for her nefarious election strategies so she stands up and lies for him. She, as leader of the People's Republic, can say what she bloody well likes of course and the proles will hang on her every word.

The suggestion that the Labour Party use government funded brochures to circumvent their own Electoral Finance Act was being played as though it were the suggestion of junior and naive party apparatchik have also been blown out of the water. The suggestion from the floor that Williams didn't hear and had him greatly confused came from Ruth Dyson's husband. I wasn't aware that Cabinet Ministers were allowed old fashioned husbands and had to have them converted into civil union partners but no matter. SWMBO just laughs this off.

The standards of behaviour of the whole lot of them is just unbelievable. However it is looking more and more likely by the day that they will reap that which they sow later in the year.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Included in a list of things I really need is..........

....one of these

Now, don't get me wrong, I am entirely satisfied with my lot. Life is going along swimmingly. I like the rump of a job I have maneuvered myself into, I live in a house that fits the bill perfectly, there are no family dramas on the horizon and I have a circle of very agreeable friends. My major worries are around my current dearth of inner skirts for marlin lures coloured 'Dorado' and whether it will stop raining long enough tomorrow for me to get the tractor out. But, having said all that, I really do need a DB9. I love the Jag but a gunmetal grey Aston would look just perfect nestling up against the XKR in the garage.

So it was I found myself perambulating around 'TradeMe.co.nz' pretending to be looking for airbrooms, electric fence posts and drill presses. There is a 2005 object of my desire for sale in Auckland. Mileage a bit high at 26,000 and so the asking price would have to be scythed - but it is gorgeous. Cream leather as well. I was having a quiet drool when my attention is distracted by this:

This vehicle has a fuel consumption of 16.6L per 100km, an annual fuel cost of $4,300 and a fuel economy rating of 1.0 out of 6. (Source: Fuelsaver)

There is then a link to a bloody government website. There is a new regulation that demands (good old compulsion) fuel consumption is prominently displayed on any car advert. If you are physically advertising the car at the side of the road or something you are supposed to have one of those puerile eco friendly stickers like you get on a new fridge stuck on the car. It is despoiling an Aston Martin putting a rego sticker on the windscreen and it is certainly just not on putting a greeny weird beard sticker anywhere near such a fine piece of automotive engineering.

Several things. Is there no corner of my life into which this damned administration won't stick its beak? It won't even let me think about buying the car of my choice without wagging its finger at me and telling me I should be buying a 6 star car that runs on a thimble full of linseed oil a fortnight.
Any car this government would have me drive I wouldn't touch with yours. If I want to buy a 6 litre V12 and spend $83 a week on petrol I bloody well will. I am delighted the Aston only gets one star. Hang on, no I'm not - I wish it got none. Also the government is a bunch of dick heads because there is no way you could get 16.6L/100km out of a 6 litre V12. I average about 15L/100km doing far too much town driving in a supercharged 4 litre V8

What pleasure is there left in the real world? The more I think of it however I am getting closer to a solution. I now live out of the city, I have some land, I can see no one once the gates shut behind me and I drive the 300m to the house. I have power, am self sufficient of water (as long as it rains now and then) and have the internet. I will buy what ever cars, power tools and boats I fancy and the rest of you can do whatever you please.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Good grief - these are Cabinet Ministers

This is so pathetic that it goes way beyond being funny. It is is pitiable.

This is the level of contempt this damned government holds us in. Mr Whaleoil has added the 1950's propaganda intro and it is very appropriate. These four clowns, who are behaving like schoolgirls at the seventh form end of year concert, are those we apparently entrust to run the country.

I refuse to further allow this sort of nonsense to masquerade as a government.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A meddle too far

I used to think that the person for whom I had the greatest dislike in the entire solar system was Uncle Helen. I am now not so sure. History Boy has been making a strong run on the inside rail and is now almost certain to reach the winning post of being the most unpleasant piece of garbage I can think of. He has added to his already impressive portfolio of smarmy, arrogant, condescending and incompetent the 'do as I say not as I do' trait. We must all join Kiwisaver which will invest your money for you for the future. He then prattles on at every opportunity telling us, the proles, how successful the scheme is. He hasn't joined up - nor apparently have the vast majority of MPs (nor me). The bloody man won't put his money where his mouth is. He spends your and my money like a drunken sailor but when it comes to his own loot he suddenly grows very long pockets for those short arms of his.

We must all stop using the housing market as our investment of first choice and last resort and diversify onto the stock and share markets. He then with one fell swoop destroys any confidence anyone could possibly have had in buying New Zealand shares. His behaviour over the Auckland International Airport sale is bordering on the criminal. If you think Parker and Cosgrove made the decision not allow the sale to the Canadians I will be round your house this evening looking for the fairies at the bottom of your garden. Investing in anything is all about confidence. How do you destroy that? Well changing the rules half way through a set of negotiations would be a good start. Mr Maple Leaf is going about his business offering $3.60 or something a share and History Boy suddenly declares 'If your offer is accepted I won't let the shareholders sell' Mr M. Leaf, with every justification, says 'WTF is going on here?' Answer. Welcome to the People's Republic of Aoteoroa and the meddlesome socialist/communist ways of the 1950's.

Who the hell does bloody Cullen think he is? The Airport belongs to the shareholders and not the Government. The shareholders decided to sell it at a bloody good price. If suddenly Cullen thinks the Airport is a vital strategic asset that cannot be allowed to leave NZ hands he should go and bloody well buy it. What is he scared of? Are the Canadians (nasty lot the Canadians - long history of international skulduggery) going to pick up an International Airport and ship it to Toronto? Are they going to close it down? Of course they aren't.

If I was a AIA shareholder (which I am not) I would be ropeable at the moment. I have just been offered $3.60 a share for my investment, the weasel has said I can't sell and I watch helplessly as the share price plummets to $2.10. All so Smarmy Vomit Boy can stand up and pretend to those who are so blind that they cannot see that he is saving the country's asset from evil foreign ownership.

It is complete bullshit.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Winston First and the FTA

I have to grudgingly admit that the Free Trade Agreement signed in Beijing yesterday has a lot more positives to it for us than negatives. It has been negotiated by this ghastly government of ours ans I suppose I ought to give them some credit for it. Hell, that grates like sand in a gearbox. SWMBO has done the right thing with the loonies like Keith Locke who have been walking around in their Tibet T shirts by totally ignoring them. There should be a lot more of this. The loonie left tail of this place does far too much wagging of the pragmatic dog thanks to the warped version of MMP under which we have to suffer.

Speaking of which, how totally stupid does Winston now look? His bauble was never more than that but is now a total joke. He is about to vote against the FTA and is the Foreign Minister. I can't think of any country in the world that will not be splitting its sides with laughter. Winston has surely reached then end of his political life. He rolled out that totally idiotic pom immigrant to give his xenophobic diatribe last week. This is standard Winston First MO for election year of course. A bit of racial hatred always gets the grey rinses in Tauranga cooing 'Oooh Winston' and doing their bit for him in the ballot box. Obviously this year even Winnie couldn't justify giving the speech himself wearing his bauble of the Foreign Ministry. No Winston tells his offsider to stick the boot in and gives the ludicrous ideas tacit endorsement by refusing to say anything from within a foreign bar. Oh, and by the way, paid the money back yet, sunshine?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why are we not surprised?

The Labour Party or members thereof break the law and nothing will happen. Again. Labour transgresses its own odious Electoral Finance Act and it will not be prosecuted. Well there's a surprise. The party is let off with a caution as the breach is 'inconsequential' but anyone else (read members of any political party that is not Labour) who does the same will be hauled up before the beak. Apparently the brochure in question cost $100,000. Could I please be given an inconsequential sum of money without delay. In fact give me four lots and I will buy a DB9 with it and have change for lots of luverly petrol 'cos a 6 litre V12 uses an awful lot - especially how I intend driving it.

The Dental Nurse then has the effrontery to stand up and say her favorite judicial tool, commonsense, is playing the role it should. This after she failed to front up in the Beehive to get an entirely justifiable roasting over the matter from the opposition. She let History Boy get too close to the fire and for once his smarmy, arrogant, I know best, creepy, vomit inducing personage had no smartarse answer in the face of cold hard fact.

This mob is totally beyond the pale. Count the breaches of the law that have gone unpunished or even failed to get to court. Speeding motorcades, Benson Dope and the tennis balls, Bovver Boy lumping Henare, SWMBO and Paintergate are cases that readily spring to mind. We have oodles of weasel words like prima facie case but no prosecution and not in the public interest but we never get the truth - 'I'm part of the Labour Government and I can do what I bloody well like.

Meanwhile Shane Adern drives a tractor up parliament's steps and it is in the public interest and the logical application of commonsense to prosecute him.

If you want to be a naughty boy (or girl) join the Labour Party and you get the ultimate 'Get of Jail Free' card. In fact you get something even better, you get a 'Never even look like going to Court' card.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - they have to go.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Now this is more like it

I am greateful to Monsieur Whaleoil for bringing this photograph to my attention. Apparently an enlightend ute driver somewhere on Auckland's motorway.