Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Helen in a pickle, climate truth

The superficial view that the Government has seen sense and has bowed to public opinion in removing the smacking nonsense form urgency is just that, superficial. It has been removed because they just don't have the numbers to do it, pure and simple. Helen's odious bunch have got them into a pleasantly fine pickle over all this. They are so far into it that they can't back down now without calamitous loss of face but they have demonstrated that they no longer control parliament. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing this bunch of ratbags in trouble but it means we have to put up with eighteen months of effectively useless governance. We are going to see them lurching from crisis to crisis with the bottom line being their own survival and not promoting the good and progress of the country. Hideous in the extreme. And speaking of hideous, the Headmistress herself was in 'arrogance with the afterburners on' mode when dismissing the results of two polls overnight showing public disapproval of the bill at 73% and 82%. She says in her usual haughty manner that we, the proles, don't understand the Bill and the question being asked was the wrong one. 'Just leave it to us 'cos we know best and how dare you try and interfere with us telling you what you can and can't do in your own home'. I can think of very few people I like less than Helen Clark. Keith Locke isn't even in the frame as he is just plain barking. As an aside just think who was instrumental in dragging this smacking nonsense as far as it has currently got - our old friend Philip Field. If it hadn't been for his filibustering from his independant seat back in the dunce's corner of the house this whole thing would have been passed weeks ago. Ain't life strange.

My campaign to awake the world to the total fraud that is the anthroprogenic global warming crap has been given new life by Rockhopper who generously sent me a DVD of a British Channel 4 program entitled 'The Global Warming Swindle'. This documents, in language even Jeanette Fitzsimmons could understand, that 'the CO2 is the fount of all evil' is a load of bollocks. Timely, as there are a couple of items in the Herald this morning about all this. The Greens new policy about who is to pay for Kyoto is both unintelligble (as befits a proposal that adrresses something that doesn't exist) and bloody expensive. I'll say it again for the slow learners. There is global warming at present and it has nothing to do with my ownership of three four litre cars and every thing to do with the sun and the oceans. There is nothing you, I, Jeanette Fitzsimmons or the Pope can do about it. Neither will there be anything we can do about it when the cycle gets into the global cooling phase - as it will.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Smacking at its worst

How simple and pleasurable was life on Mars - I mean Houhora. Even the drive back was a day agreeably spent driving, gettng the outboard serviced, eating some of Adam Scott's tinned tuna and talking nonsense with a good mate, and then more driving. I think I was at about Wellsford when I felt the first twiniges of nausea brought on by breaking news on the Larry Williams show.

The smacking bill is going to be pushed through under 'urgency' next week. This is repugnant in every way. The Bill is no longer Sue Bloody Bradford's Anti Smacking bill (she has been reduced to the trivial waste of space that is her true station in life) but is now very firmly Helen Clark's Anti Smacking Bill. She has yet again ridden roughshod over every tenet of democracy to bring into law something she (and very few others) want. She does this against the wishes of a vast majority of the electorate and against the wishes of a significant section of her own party MPs - remember a significent number for her near minority government is only one or two. She is fearful that the Labour Party waverers might be swayed by their electorate to break ranks and vote with their conscience if the seven week interval before this was due to come up were allowed to run its course. The all powerful dictator could never allowed that could she? And have you noticed that she is running all this from overseas? She is safely in the States pretending to enjoy George Dubbya's company and is leaving that useless street fighting woman Bradford to do her dirty work for her.

First this was supposed to be a conscience vote and she (and she alone) turned it into a whipped party vote. When there was the spectre of some of her cadre turning it back into a conscience matter she brings in 'urgency'. How can this possibly qualify for urgency - except to preserve her grip on the absolute power she now holds over this country. When are we going to remind, no ram down her throat, this damned woman that shes governs under mandate and not as the dictatorial head of a totalitarian marxist regime.

She only gets away with this because we let her. Forget the smacking, that is but the vehicle that is delivering yet another affront on proper democratic process. Democracy in New Zealand is currently on life support.

The next election is now just a hair under eighteen months away - please, pretty please, keep takng your memory tablets

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let's offend everyone we can

In response to a complaint about a TV commercial

Pathetic with a capital P.

D Kernot (sex undetermined) needs to get a life. That have we come to a place where we allow an Advertising Standards Authority that will give time to cretins like Mr/Mrs/Ms/Prof/Dr/Object Kernot is a reflection of how far this looney tunes country has gone.

Kernot should be have been told to leave the building and get some sexual gratification as he/she/it left. He/she/it should have been told to get back to his/her/its collection of cheese labels and to leave the real world to have its bit of fun.

If it offended anybody, who cares. I want this country to have a National 'Lets Offend Everyone We Can Find and Just See if The Sky Falls In' week. All female Chairpersons of Committees are to be called Chairmen, people of colour are to be called wogs, pakis or whatever you fancy, overweight people are to be called fat b*st*rds, vertically challenged people are to be referred to as short arses, people who are patently stupid are to be called stupid, ugly people of either sex are to be told they look like the back of a bus, posters featuring scantily clad seriously attractive females should be made mandatory when advertising powertools, dwarf throwing contests are to be featured as Super 14 halftime entertainment, wheelchair ramp access to bungy jumping platforms are to be closed, people you don't like are to be told their mother was a hamster (even if she wasn't), Western Springs Speedway will have a week long twenty four hour a day race meeting, all stray dogs are to be shot on site, Te Kaha and Te Mana will be ordred on a whale hunt off Little Barrier with a bikini clad (young female) TV One reporter 'embedded' as on the spot coverage, a $5 voucher off your groceries should be offered at Woolworths for every seal pelt produced, free napalm will be available for all those living near a mangrove swamp (a box of matches also provided), the government will give a free chainsaw to every one who has a pohutakawa blocking their view, a fifty percent rebate will be given on the road tax for all vehicles with engines larger than four litres (extra discounts available for turbo or supercharged motors) , name suppression for any one in court will be banned and Helen Clark will publicly declare Fiji a basket case.

Bring it on.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Evil and in charge

Helen Clark is a politician and is very good at being that. She is disasterous for the rest of the country as her pursuit of her career takes precedence over absolutely everything else. Her masterful dismissal of claims yesterday that she has been duplicitous in her attitude over this damned smacking nonsense is ample proof of this. In 2005 it suited her political purpose to be against the propsed law as the great unwashed don't want it and supporting it would harm her chances at the ballot. We are now mid term and she wants something (I've no idea what but it won't be a small something) from the Greens and, therefore, she has transformed a conscience vote into a Labour whipped block vote - defy the whip and you are looking for a lawn mowing round.

If you really want this selfish idealogue pursuing her own agenda for her own ends then please vote for her again in eighteen months time. Could you also please give a gold coin donation to the Obald Relocation Overseas Fund at the same time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Councils & talkback

I'm not going near the smacking business - it is going to get worse before it gets better. We will have forgotten about it in a couple of weeks and then there will be something else. It won't be Bradford again but another of the dregs of society who knows better than the rest of . He/she will bring in another piece of legislation that seeks to right the wrongs of a small minority by making the vast majority of the country comply with something. We won't need it it, most of us won't want it but we will sit idly by and let it be passed into unpoliceable law with nary a whimper except a couple of morning's bleating on talkback radio. Talkback is hopeless, the only talk back that matters is the sort that hapens on a Saturday in primary schools once every three years. My only hope is that Phillip Field, marina consents, World Cup Stadia and, yes, anti smacking are remembered in eighteen months time.

There is a comment piece in the Herald this morning penned by an Auckland Regional Councillor. We are doomed. There is no hope for the entire Auckland region with wallies like this running the show. 1) He can't write half decent prose. There is hardly a paragraph in the piece containing more than two sentences. His writing reads like the agenda for a council meeting. 2) He can't think in anything resembling a straight line. He is writing about a second crossing of the Manukau which will probably be right next to the current Mangere Bridge which you will recall is right next to the previous Mangere Bridge. Simple, eh? Well not if you are an Auckland Regional Councillor it's not.

This bloke's contibution to the paper this morning is terrifying as it is obvious that it represents how councils work; or more correctly don't. He repeatedly gives many reasons why a problem cannot be solved and then tells you what the problem might be. Confused? I had to read most of his paragraphettes twice to have any idea what he was on about. He talks about making Onehunga a vibrant hub (every conurbation needs lots of vibrant hubs - I'm not sure what one is but you need them in abundance) but the Auckland Volcanic Cone Society have to be consulted to ensure that this would not interfere with returning the foreshore to the state it was in before the first bridge was built before building the third bridge. See, easy. But wait. You have to remember that the Resource Management hearing is not the place to sort this out as if you do agrieved parties would then have the ability to seek redress from the Environment Court if things didn't stack up their way. Have I lost you yet? This pratt then tells us that this hypothetical harbour crossing has been a 'high prioity' of the Regional Council's Transport Sub Comittee for 'years' (you can see why) but will now be elvated to the 'highest priority'. I assume that means he moves into 'obfuscation with turbos on' mode. But underpinning all this crap is the prerequisite that we get 'the bones' of the City right - I'm serious.

I think I'll spend a week in the far North as far away from this nonsense as possible.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sue Bradford

Nothing in the paper this morning - almost literally. However I heard that bloody Bradford woman giving a sound bite on the news as I drove to the fields. I apologise if I get the quote slightly wrong, but, on being asked how she felt now that her 'anti-smacking' bill was looking a bit shaky on the votes front she said 'The choice is very clear between giving our children the right to grow up in a violence free environment or giving parents the right to beat their children'

Why do we have to put up with this? This woman and her totally repugnant philosophy have been a carbuncle on this country's countenance since way before I arrived here. As a leader of the Union for the Unemployed she was already a walking oxymoron. Now I have to pay for her peddling her Marxist views to the great unwashed. She is the only evidence that anyone would need to know that our brand of MMP is fatally flawed. The number of people who would agree with any of her notions could probably counted on the fingers of one foot but she is on the cusp of getting one of her most revolting social engineering schemes passed into law. Even if this daft piece of legislation were sensible the vast majority of the country don't want it. That should be the end of it. I hate every idea she stands for with every fibre of my body.

I have been here for twelve years and generally am very happy with my lot in the world. The likes of Sue Bradford and Keith Locke cold be the sorts of thing that persuade me that somewhere else might be a good idea. It needn't be this way. As referred to above they are in a tiny minority. The system has been set up so that a vocal minority has inordinate sway in what goes on. This looney tunes way of running the country has to be stopped and the likes of Bradford and Locke consigned to the role of insignificant trivia, which is what they really are.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Whaling is good for you

Just returned from a week's hols. Only one day fishing for no return but it was with a good mate from University days so that was all good. No paper for a week and that was even better.

Dipped the toe tentatively into the newsprint this morning and nothing changes does it. There is another piece of Herald pseudoscience on the front page about DVTs. I think it was something similar that started this thread months ago. Sitting at a desk is more dangerous than taking a long haul flight. There is a picture (mercifully not of an adherent clot in the short saphenous vein) to ram home this horrible truth. It is bollocks of the firt magnitude which makes it prime fodder for the front page I suppose. The quality of the science is just apalling but I guess evidence based medicine doesn't sell newspapers.

We wander aimlessly past Rudman (best thing to do with him) and there is nothing until we come to a rather strange piece about whaling on the comments page. Strange but containig some excellent points just the same. It is written by an Australian of Japanese extraction and talks about the United States empire at one point. Once I'd stopped vomiting I soldiered on and digested his entirely reasonable point as to why the Japanese populace is immune to 'international pressure' to stop whaling. Japan is a very insular country and everything there is Japanese including the language. I lived there for three months about twenty years ago and it was six weeks before I saw anything that was not Japanese (apart from a Ferrari) and that was a Bic ballpoint pen - quite taken aback I was. The vast majority of the population (north of 120 million don't forget) speak no English at all and, here is the rub, don't need to. They are a developed country and don't need ideas from the mainly English speaking West to progress let alone survive. They even surf the web in Japanese. Let us leave aside the supreme intellectual arrogance of the rest of the world telling them how they should behave over a practice that has a cultural significance to them. They cannot accede to our wishes as they have no means of discerning what those wishes may be. We really don't understand. The likes of Comrade Carter trying to foist western ideas in the English language on the Japanese public is like that tribe who stretch their women's necks with neck rings trying to persuade the rest of the world that it is a really good idea - and doing it in their tribal language.

Speaking of Carter, the passing of John Inman last week (Mr Humphries in 'Are you being served?') bought to mind a ironic situation. The chances of 'Are you being served' being screened, let alone made, in this PC society we have forced upon us today are approaching zero. At the same time Government ministers are lauded for their new ageness and progressive outlook on the world by attending one of their colleagues same sex civil union. Hypocritcal ratbags.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Abe Lincoln was right

No time, no time, no time. But..........

B1: Told you so re Al Gores personal power consumption

Opinion Page: Bruce Hucker (vomit) being very defensive of his choice of arbiters who will sit on the stupid billboard stuff. This at the end of a piece by him trying to justify the whole nonsense. Quite a good example of the Photoshopper's art here, though.

Opinion Page: Garth George. If you ignore his anti abortion, anti gay religous tirade (and I can do that) he gets stuck into Sue Bradford's absurd anti smacking Bill with the main thrust of his argument being that despite its merits (or glaring lack thereof) the vast majority of people in the country don't want it. This blindingly obvious truth leads to the jewel of the piece, his take on New Zealand's version of Abraham Lincoln's 'Government of the people, by the people for the people'. He translates this into Marxist Government of Aoteoroa speak thus: 'Government of the politicians (we are in power and even if you boot us out we will return via the list), by the politicians (we know what is best and you will do it even if you don't like it) for the politicians (we will stay in power what ever even if it means compromising anything we may have said to do so).

Very good