Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am getting more uneasy by the minute over this disgraceful Peters business. That it is not right is patently obvious and has been for months. But it is the type of 'not rightness' that is gnawing away at me.

The two main political players, Dear Leader and Peters, are by no stretch of the imagination my cup of tea but both of them have track records that are testimony to their political skills. Superficially the whole shameful edifice is is a house of cards built on quick sand. The things we are being asked to believe are quite literally unbelievable.

Peters over the last couple of days has looked nervous (you don't often see that) and Dear Leader looked like a possum caught in the headlights last night (and you never see that). All good. And yet it is not right. I just can't see these two allowing themselves to get into such an untenable position. Winston is stood down but apparently at time of writing (Saturday evening) he is still a minister. He has just been relieved of his portfolios but retains the salary, house, car etc for doing nothing. This play on words is typical of the two main protagonists of course.

We have seen the careful use of words all through this. I suspect that Winston hasn't lied as much as we think he has and he has been able to do this because he been asked the wrong questions. Or he has answered factually to a version of the question (probably the literal meaning) and we have interpreted that answer as the reply to what we thought we said or what we meant.

I can't help feel that the current enquiries have been set up to fail. Winston will come out the other side all squeaky clean having been found to have done nothing illegal (and quite what that has to do with the price of fish I don't know). He can then walk into the next election arm in arm with Dear Leader (they are electorally joined at the hip now) and sail to an unlikely victory given current polling levels.

Has Winston (plus or minus Clark) forced his enemies to attack knowing he has several aces up his sleeve? Is this whole thing a seriously cunning political plan for Labour to snatch an election victory from the jaws of seeming certain defeat?

God I hope it doesn't pan out that way but that ghastly scenario seems to me to hold more water than the 'Helen and Winston have been politically naive to allow themselves to get backed into their current corner' explanation.

I'm worried.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What to think?

I feel almost obligated to make some sort of a comment on the shameful business playing out in the cesspit that is the Wellington political scene. But really why should I? It is all so tawdry and unnecessary. It is politics for politics sake and has nothing to do with the real world.

Whilst all this disgraceful stuff is playing out the country is struggling. I heard on the electric wireless at cup of tea time this morning (0515) a chap bemoaning that he is facing laying off his whole gang of eight gibstoppers tomorrow as there is no work for them. At a different end of the employment spectrum my dentist daughter tells me that people are not coming in to have their teeth fixed in droves. Intra-oral 'business' is a fraction of what it was only a couple of months ago. And all the while we (and I include myself in this) are fixated by people telling porkies wholesale.

Yesterday (and the day before if you recall Margaret Wilson's partisan display) in Parliament was just appalling. Dear Leader is patently just doing anything to remain in power. She is being lauded by some dements for her loyalty to Winston. Bollocks her loyalties should not be to Peters or any other of her political cronies. Her loyalty should be primarily to the country and that country is being spectacularly ill served by its politicians at the moment. Even the mechanics of getting through the afternoon in Parliament yesterday was a joke. Everyone turns up for the main show, that of seeing Winston Raymond Peter's head being bought in on a stick. And what do we get? The gummint suddenly decides that things have to be delayed because the dental nurse has to tell everyone that the Police have almost decided they want Tazers. More filibustering with Dail Jones opining that this is a most important matter and needs to be debated at length. Bollocks. Do they think we are fools? Well obviously they do.

Dear Leader has decided that Peters is OK until the Parliamentary Privileges Committee has decided whether her Foreign Minister or her biggest financial benefactor (and it can't be both) is telling the truth. This again is nonsense as there is no way the Committee can discern this. Glenn has already said he won't appear and will not be cross examined.

It is not hard to see that the PPC has been told that Winston will not be found guilty of anything significant and Dear Leader can then go into the next round of name calling and supercilious arrogance. She has already started this accusing Key of prejudging things by giving Peters the flick. And then Winston will start suing people and then...............who cares?

I used to (only about six months ago) enjoy politic watching and thought it was something I should be more involved in. After all the alternative to democracy is too ghastly to contemplate. I have now morphed into someone who watches the goings on with a morbid sort of disgust. The worrying thing is that the more tawdry it becomes the less inclined I am to look the other way.

I must harden up and not look at all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ban everything

Whilst I'm in the mood for a little Green bashing - come to think of it I'm always in that sort of a mood; the only thing better than a little Green bashing is a big Green bashing - I am grateful to the Not PC blog for supplying this list of things the stupid all controlling Greens have either banned or wanted banned.

......grape imports, alcohol ads, political speech for one year in three, ferrets, TV ads for kids, ads on TVNZ, growth hormones, native wood chip exports, native logging, pig swill, xenotransplantion trials, smacking, GE, field trials for GE, chemical trespass, property rights from the Bill of Rights, quick-fire logging, logging, fishing for toothfish, commercial fishing over much of New Zealand, whaling, 'toxic timber,' set-netting, bottom trawling, feeding animal remains to farm animals, battery cages, CCA-treated timber in playgrounds, direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs, crisps and meat pies from tuck shops, "the screening of programmes which sensationalise violence or use violence," "the routine feeding of antibiotics to healthy animals," GE maize, commercial releases of genetically engineered crops, "nuclear shipments from New Zealand's exclusive economic zone," sow crates, the dry sow stall, "weapons of mass destruction," the tooth fairy, nuclear powered vessels in our waters, beef imports from Britain to other European countries, "Japanese fishing boats from New Zealand waters," "the importation of all timber and timber products not certified as sustainable," "unsustainable" biofuels, open-cast mining, driven-shaft, gold mining, coal mining, mining, human cloning, sheep cloning, food irradiation, spray drift, all ships carrying nuclear weapons, wastes and fuel from the European Economic Zone, "backyard burning of rubbish such as plastics and treated timber," fireworks, "smoking in all workplaces including bars, restaurants and offices," "new uses of coal for energy," existing uses of coal of energy, new thermal power stations, "factory farming," dairy farming around Lake Taupo, dairy farming around Rotorua lakes, dairy farming in the Waikato river basin, "project-based approvals for the development of GE organisms," "all further building of prisons," free trade with China, junk food advertising to children, "the sale and long-term lease of New Zealand property to foreign investors," "the sale of toy tobacco products to under 18s," GM wheat, "environmentally destructive fishing methods," "uranium shipments," "the use of the antibiotic avoparcin in animal feed," "imports of cars older than 7 years," amalgam use in dentistry, the incineration of unsorted waste, unsorted waste, waste, "risky anti-depressants," "import of tissue for sheep cloning," 'trade in hazardous wastes," "'super baby' selection," plastic shopping bags, shopping bags, shopping, live sheep exports, and dihydrogen monoxide.

Not bad.

Why would anyone ever vote for a party that is so in your face, in your wallet and in your life in general. Governments should provide an acceptable level of national security (and most of that was already in situ long before governments were even thought of courtesy of the sea), lay on a bit of infrastructure, lock the bad buggers up in deep dark holes, make sure we can trade with the rest of the real world with as little encumbrance as possible and that is about it.

They should certainly not be telling me what light bulbs I can buy. Speaking of which, I am already stockpiling Edison's designs; every trip to New World a couple more loverly incandescents get added to the vault for the day when I can no longer buy them. That is what this looney tunes government has reduced me, a sane (I think) rational bloke to - I am hoarding, squirrel like, bloody light bulbs. Give me strength.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Greens and the ETS

I don't want to sound like a cracked record on this Emissions Trading Scam but it would appear that the time when yet more of my money is gong to be poured down the dunny is getting very close. Dear Leader has a crucial vote on Tuesday to pass this latest bollocks but she needs the support of circus clown Winston and the damned Greens. Forget Winston - please. Jeanette 'Where's my Botox' Fitzsimons gave some sort of press conference yesterday telling all who could be bothered to listen that she was yet to make up her mind as to which way to vote and she would wait for the court of public opinion to give her a lead.

Well common decency prevents me from giving my opinion in polite company but she is only hanging out for the provisions to be even more draconian and even more financially ruinous then what is currently suggested. Nothing short of bicycles in every nook and cranny of the heavy haulage business and rich pricks taxed on everything at 93% will do for this fruitloop. She does let slip this very scary quote to give some idea of the workings of her so called mind. "What really mattered about this scheme was that is was fair to New Zealanders and effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Throughout the negotiation process we have kept this at the forefront of our minds. If we don't get these things right, the huge wealth transfers that the ETS creates will be both unfair and ineffectual," says Fitzsimons.

Bloody fairness mentioned twice. Get over it lady - life isn't fair. You are a useless waste of space and you, therefore, deserve to get less in all departments than people who are better than you. 'Effective reduction of greenhouse gases' - a futile attempt to achieve the impossible for no purpose - vide supra. And finally 'the huge wealth transfer the ETS creates'. You've finally got something right. Huge transfer of hard earned monies from where it might be usefully employed into a black hole run by people who have repeatedly proven that they couldn't organise a nun shoot in a convent.

One statement summing up all the Greens stand for - stupidity.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Told you so

Now don't say you weren't warned. All this 'man is frying the planet with what comes out of the back of supercharged V8s' crap is based on computer models none of which has ever been born out by observed fact. I told you that years ago.

On the day that the Turoa ski field reports its deepest snow base ever (and that is ever, ever not just since we started wrecking the planet) I give you this little ripper of a graph

A little explanation for the dullards and left wing/green politicians perchance?

Orange, purple and red lines are projected temperature rises at various levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere according to the IPCCs precious bloody computer models.

Yellow are projected rises at levels of carbon dioxide emissions agreed to by the lemmings who have signed up to Kyoto. This is also courtesy of the best computer modeling the United Nations can buy.

The blue and green lines are what has actually happened. These are temperatures measured both on the ground and by satellite based infra red sensors.

You will recall that since 2000, the rates at which CO2 emissions and concentrations are increasing have accelerated. Even David Parker could spot from the above very simple graphs that despite accelerating emission rates and concentrations, there's been no net warming in the 21st century.

And there is more. The polar ice caps aren't melting.
Some of the islands in the Canadian Archipelago are surrounded by more ice than they were during the summer of 1980. There will not be a sudden global glut of polar bear hearth rugs.

Rising sea levels? Bangladesh is slated to get smaller as it floods on the back of this creating millions of 'environmental refugees'. Sorry, satellite pics over the years show the land mass increasing and world wide sea levels have decreased over the last two years. I realise that's a bloody nuisance for all those who want to feel good by welcoming a couple of hundred Bangladeshis into their front gardens but them's the breaks.

Meanwhile today we see Dear Leader cuddling up to Kevin Rudderless working out ways of keeping me poor as well as cold by trying to coordinate Australia's and New Zealand's Emission Trading Scams.

Maybe the tide is turning - pun intended. Wake up you dozy buggers. There is no such thing as man made global warming. Never has been and never will be. There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has ever been and the planet is currently cooling. It will warm up again sometime - next week, next year, next century - who cares? Nothing you or I can do about it.

I have a message for Helen Clark and The Rudder. Give me my money back; I need it to buy fuel for a 6 litre V12 motor car.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The key point is...........

........that I have had a gutsful of Peter Montgomery.

I am not immune to events unfolding in Beijing. I have watched a bit. Mrs obald has been much nasally dislocated that Coro has been replaced by the 12m air pistol but even she settled down on the couch on Saturday evening for the much hyped 'Super Saturday'. New Zealand was going to blow away that well known country Michael Phelps on the medals table. Who gives a stuff about a medals table anyway except perhaps China who regard it with the same importance as Germany did in 1936 or The Soviet Union in 1980. The spearhead of this thrust into a cornucopia of medals was to be the rowing. Five finals containing New Zealanders which means we had to put up with five seven minute dollops of the most over rated sports commentator on the planet.

I just cannot see it. PJ Montgomery is held in high regard by his peers. I have a passing acquaintance with one of them who will not hear a bad word uttered against him. Each to his own I suppose but I would prefer to listen to half an hour of someone dragging their finger nails down a blackboard than suffer thirty minutes of the liquid Himalayas man. The key points of my irritation are? Well for starters, the key point. Bloody everything is the key point. But the key point can only be found in the midst of the four hundred word question that requires a two syllable answer. PJ is the past master of the over long question in any interview. 'What is the key point you are looking at as you enter Super Fourteen edition number seven and face the might of the Bulls who, having lost to the Sharks in both 2004 and 2006, are now entering a run of three successive defeats at the hands of either New Zealand or Australian teams this being the case as French and German sides are excluded from the tournament after the ruling by the International Court of Human Rights in the Hague?' 'They are a strong team'.

Get our Pete out of his normal environment (water) and he pines for the sea and all things nautical. He gets togged up in his Drizabone and is sent to perambulate the touchlines at Eden Park. He tends to be very grumpy unless it is raining cats and dogs and then he really perks up. The only thing he can ever talk about during a rugby match is the wind and he likes nothing better than if the ball is being blown off the starboard layline, I mean left upright, by a howling sou'wester. Clown.

And then we have the pre rehearsed spontaneous comment. On Saturday night he was determined that his 'The America's Cup is now New Zealand's Cup' moment was going to be 'Black to Gold'. Drysdale stuffed this up royally for him by coming third. 'And it's 'Black to Bronze'. Terrific, Pete. Well he is nothing if not thick skinned and so he was going to use it somewhere in the evening. Enter the twins. Here we have another key Montgomery trait. A total lack of accuracy. In the closing stages of a thrilling race he had the Evers-Swindells in the lead when they weren't. When the finish eventually came he totally stuffed it up by reading the lane numbers out as the result 'Great Britain first, Germany second and New Zealand third'. What a plonker. Then his mate who had not been allowed to get a word in edge ways all evening said. 'I don't think so, Pete - they are going to a photo'. Photo result comes after a mercifully short interval (Rugby could learn a bit here) and PJ cannot resist the screamed 'And its Black to Gold'. The timing of this was now just dreadful and made the comment look even more lame than it was when he first though of it; which was probably about three years ago.

No, if PJ Montgomery is on the case I'm off to the kitchen for a cup of tea. Any sport that has a bit of water in it I will watch with the sound off.

And a couple of passing Olympic notes. How cool is Mr Bolt? And oh how I hope Michael Phelps is real. Look how long it took them to nail Marion Jones and Carl Lewis.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The new Godless religion

I haven't felt the urge to put finger to keyboard this last week. The wretches in Wellington are boring the pants off me. It is patently obvious to anyone who cares to look that the only reason the occupants of Parliament are there is to ensure that they continue in place. The country is being run by a pack of negligibly trained academics trying to do a job that is patently way beyond their collective abilities. We have to have an election within the next three months and any pretense of trying to stuff up the country in the guise of governing it now take back seat to retaining power. A pox on the lot of them.

I was wandering around the web this evening looking for something that might stimulate the mind for a minute or two. Looking on 'TradeMe' for tractor counter weights might be essential work for when the Shibaura can eventually peek out of its shed but it is hardly mental calisthenics is it? But then I stumbled (quite literally - I'm really not sure how I got there) upon a piece that has made the evening worthwhile

I have long realised the global warming crap is just that; crap. That any of the so called arguments are devoid of any vestige of scientific method and rigour is as plain as the nose on your face. I thought the whole thing had morphed into a political movement. I was right but that is only the partial truth. It is a religion.

I encourage you to read the essay to be found by following this link.

Global Warming as Religion not Science

It is written by a bloke I have never heard of called John Brignell who would appear to be a Pom. Be warned it is not short (it will take you about twenty minutes to read properly - I slowed down from my usual skim reading and not many pieces get that sort of attention) but it is well worth the effort. I won't steal any of Mr Brignell's thunder by quoting extracts; just read it.

Very good - I can retire to my litter feeling mentally better for having done a few one armed cerebral press ups.

But I still haven't found any tractor weights.