Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The man is a nutter

Now I don't know why I did this but I did. I was given fair warning. At least ten minutes before it went to air I was told that Winston Peters was going to be interviewed live by Mark Sainsbury. But still I watched.

First we saw Winston smirk. A totally inappropriate affect considering the circumstance. Then Sainsbury kicked off by trying to frame a reasonable sort of a stem for his first question. Well that was it and we were off into the parallel universe in which Peters exists. The man is batshit mad. The words coming out of his mouth were English but he was talking Martian. I didn't understand a word of it. We had all the usual Winston trademark tactics. 'You are defaming me', 'Now let me tell you what really happened', 'After the election you will have to resign', 'Let me read you a laundry list' and on and on and on. I don't think he actually answered a single question. He showed not a trace of contrition over the events of last night or anything someone in command of his faculties might have had a stab at. He is quite simply mad.

And people vote for this?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Incredible, disgusting, mind numbing - all of the above

Just when I thought the behaviour of the wastrels in Wellington could get no worse Dear Leader, in particular, and History Boy have plumbed new depths. These are depths to which even I did not think they would stoop.

Clark has decided Winston is innocent and has done this without even bothering to look at the Privileges Committee report. Can't be bothered, doesn't need to as she can rely on her senior advisers on the Committee - read bloody Cullen. This is the same damned woman who in the face of the baying of everyone for Peters' head told us all we must await 'due process'. This is done and she doesn't like it so she sticks her fingers in her ears, closes her eyes and shouts Lalalalalalala' until all the nasty people go away. A majority verdict (even criminal courts now accept these) said Winston done bad but not good enough for Helen. He has been proven to have lied not once but on numerous occasions, his best excuse for anything is in the 'dog ate my homework' class, the whole world thinks is a waste of space who couldn't lie straight in bed but all we get from Her Magnificence is 'Move along, nothing to see here'. And she hasn't even looked at the evidence - no time. Too busy going through Key's share dealing records from five years ago line by line. Too busy attacking the structure of 'the process' she was so wedded to a couple of weeks back. The Privileges Committee couldn't give a fair verdict as it was politicised. Too right it was - by Cullen and his NZ First cronies deciding that Winston was innocent come what may before the proceedings even kicked off.

And the upshot of all this farce is? Winston is censured. Well whoopy do. I bet he's really, really put out by that. Gives new meaning to the concept of the damp vehicular transport voucher. The whole drawn out thing has been a charade and it has been done with my bloody money.

You could post a video on YouTube of Winston snacking on babies and Helen would still do nothing. Mrs Obald reckons Dear Leader is scared witless of Winston and I reckon she is right (she usually is). Whatever hold he has over her it concerns more than overdue library books.

I am still unsure whether Key's tactic of not standing toe to toe with the witch is going to pay off. I am sure he is morally right (don't sink to their level of dirty dealing and just get beaten by experience) but whether it is the pragmatic approach is too hard for this simple artisan to call.

We'll know on November 9th, won't we? If on that Sunday morning we are staring down the barrel of a fourth term of the Axis of Evil I shudder to think what perfidy the evil woman can foist upon us before 2011. I can't see myself being allowed to write stuff like this.

I'm starting to get a bit scared.

Friday, September 19, 2008

iTunes 8

I make no secret of the fact that I am one of Steve Jobs biggest fans. Since I left the dark side about three years ago and consigned almost all of my computing junk from Redmond (I've kept a laptop and and old Dell just for navigation software) to a land fill I have meekly gobbled up all the hardware Cupertino can throw at me.

Obald acres currently runs a 24" Intel iMac, a 20" Power PC iMac, two G4 iBooks, an Apple TV, an Airport Extreme, three Airport Expresses, two iPods and a 3G iPhone. When my two daughters are at home you can add a couple of MacBooks to that lot. The Airport Extreme runs the WiFi network around the house; there is also an ethernet hardwired which I use for the bloody XP machines and a printer as setting up Microsoft junk on the wireless is just too hard - the Apple stuff you just turn it on and it works. The Airport Expresses stream iTunes from any of the computers to assorted stereos and powered speakers in various parts of the house. If you subscribe to the stupid theory that radio waves give you horrible diseases then don't come and visit as the house is also covered in 5.8 GHz portable phones and all the burglar alarms are Wifi. I love it.

iTunes has always served me well and with the purchase of the iPhone it grew a new leg with the Apps store. The last weekend they bought out iTunes 8. I'm a sucker for upgrades especially if the price is right, i.e. free, so I'm right into hitting the 'Upgrade Now' button. iTunes 8 came with all the usual hype about a new view for album covers - who cares?

And then there is the 'Genius' which will make up playlists based on songs you already have of a like type to the song currently playing and also recommend stuff you might like to purchase - yawn.

But it is bloody great. I've only got about 3000 songs in my library but The Genius has found some good stuff I haven't played for ages. That is not the point of course. The Genius is not there to cheer me up, it is there to sell me music from the iTunes Store. I can report it works like a charm. I'm spending dosh like a drunken sailor, it's all Steve Jobs' fault and I don't care. So far this week I have bought tracks by Jackson Browne, The Honeycombes, Al Stewart, Dire Straits and a whole album from The Hot Club of Cowtown. I might just go and buy the latest Steve Windwood Album.

If you can face the hidden future costs of something that is free it I would heartily recommend the upgrade.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bollocks and Hypocrisy

First we had History Boy telling the world that John Key single handedly caused the current financial meltdown in America because he once worked for Merril Lynch and now we have Dear Leader accusing him of mass murder. This is becasue if National had been in Power (a capital P for that as we are talking Helen Clark) 60 New Zealand troops would have died and be coming home in body bags.

We have the vehement peacenik of the seventies, who I have pictured below for easey reference,

a) talking bollocks and b) parading her well known hypocrisy credentials for all to see.

First the bollocks. For starters New Zealand have sent troops to Iraq. They went there after the invasion but that is when most of the US troops have died anyway. Australia sent troops and how many of them have died at the hands of the enemy? None, nil, zip, nada. A couple have died due to accidents and in fact more Aussie troops have died in training within Orstralia over the period. If Helen wants to save lives she should stop training our rump of an army and send them to war, they would be much safer. Her '60 blokes in body bags' is also mathmatical fairy stories. This is a number plucked from the sky and has no relation to anything. She says it is prorata the number of US troops who are there, or exist or something. There are numerous ways of actually doing the meaningless sums (for starters the US Military numbers 2.9 million and the NZ Military comes to 11,000) but which ever way you do it a Kiwi soldier might have sprained an ankle. In the time that JOhn Key was slaughtering our troops wholesale in the Middle East Helen Clark has sent four Kiwi soldiers to the great mess in the sky in East Timor.

The hypocrisy. As if we needed more examples from the woman who wrote the manual. This is the same woman who said this 'The Victoria Cross for New Zealand is the supreme military award for valour. This is the first Victoria Cross for New Zealand to be awarded since it was instituted in 1999. This decoration continues the tradition of the Victoria Cross previously awarded under a British Royal Warrant to members of the New Zealand military since 1860, the last of which was awarded in 1946.' This whilst grandstanding over Willie Apiata's VC which he won by saving the life of a colleague who would otherwise have died because Helen Clark sent him to Afghanistan.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There can't be more - afraid so

We are now in fantasy land. Brian Henry appeared (well sort of, all he could manage was a video link which managed to malfunction) before the Privileges Committee and changed his story yet again. 'My client ' is now Winston (quelle surprise) and the other client has vanished into the ether. The phone calls to Owen Glenn are confirmed in time but they weren't talking about money. The fact that he (Henry) emailed his bank account details to Money Bags seconds after the phone was put down is a 'coincidence'. There was another 'phone call soliciting funds to Glenn a couple of months earlier (so therefore Winston didn't ask for the dosh) but Henry made this call from a Motel which has no 'phone records. Glenn denies this call exists. Like Henry is the sort of bloke who stays n Motels when there are perfectly good Hotels around and he would use a motel phone and not his mobile? No motel phone records? Well Telecom will have some.

This is all now in 'The dog ate my homework' territory.

There is one person in the solar system who says they believe all this unmitigated bullshit and that is Helen Elizabeth Clark. She doesn't believe it, of course, but she is so donkey deep in the whole sordid skein of fabrication that she has no alternative but to carry on. Peters will not get sacked and this must be the only country on the planet outside sub Saharan Africa where she could get away with it.

For now - November the 8th is just over the horizon. There are, however, worrying rumours about that there is a sufficient number of thickos in the great unwashed who will vote her, History Boy and the rest of their wastrels back in if they can cobble together enough other parties who are bauble obsessed.

Please no.

Here we go - oh dear

Now that the election has been called we have started on what will be a couple of months of insufferable hypocrisy and lies on all fronts. Where to start? How about the Member for Cambodia? We (mercifully) haven't heard from this fruitcake for ages but his nasty visage rises above the level of the scum in relation to the election timed 'Lets ban gangs' call from Goof. You may recall that the Dental Nurse said this was a waste of time when last mooted a year or so back. Now that polling is just round the corner it is thought on the Ninth floor that it would be worth a vote or two but we had better not let Amalgam Girl bring it up because people might remember her previous stance on the matter. We will let Goof, from the totally inappropriate Corrections portfolio, do the work. Keith Locke then gets in high dudgeon saying it will be useless as it will drive the gangs underground. You what? How is this going to make things worse? Are they going to start doing illegal things? Are they going to form themselves into, well, gangs? What Commie Locke reckons will stop these bad men is a greater level of social service and all the other useless tosh short of a right good seeing to that his sort normally come up with. He reckons the key to the problem is making sure gang prospects have good 'career prospects'. Most of these scrotes would argue that is precisely what they are ensuring as they hold up a dairy or whatever they do when climbing the Gang ladder. Unfortunately the Greens look unlikely to be one of the political groupings that will be obliterated on 8th November.

I am unsure whether I dislike Cullen more than Clark or the other way round. It is a bit like deciding whether I dislike fried eggs more than tripe - I despise both. Cullen gets his nose in front this morning with his totally despicable comments about his favourite rich prick. Merrill Lynch has had to be bought out. Key used to (like about eight years ago used to) work for Merrill Lynch and therefore we get this 'Given his background and the fact that Merrill Lynch has just gone belly up, I would have thought New Zealanders should draw the conclusion that you wouldn’t put a man like that in charge of the New Zealand economy'.

This is as stupid as it is vidictive and nasty. Don't forget John Key left the firm many years ago. Merrill Lynch's troubles are on the mortgage side of the business whereas Key was a currency trader. He was also very good at it (hence he is a very rich prick) and his side of the business was enormously successful. As an aside Merrill Lynch has not gone belly up it has been sold for $44 billion real dollars which is an amount greater than this country's economy. And all this bile and vitriol is coming from the plonker who bought the railways for hundreds of millions more than their declared value purely for political ends.

We've got months more of this crap.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

There can't be more - surely

This shameful politics we are having to endure at the moment just gets worserer and worserer by the hour. I thought we could get no lower and Winston would get the flick today after his non display in front of the Privileges Committee last night. It was all usual Winston stuff - bluster, BS and no substance. The one piece of paper he produced was an affidavit from some bloke purportedly written on 29th August and it had the phrase 'see attached phone records' or some such. The attachment had been emailed to the writer of the affidavit on 9th September - that is eleven days after the affidavit was supposed to have been written. If it wasn't so serious it would be comical.

Right then, all sorted. Only one of the stories can be true and it doesn't look much like Winston's version has the inside running. What are you going to believe? A collection of evidence or the ramblings of a renowned bullshit artist.

Well Dear Leader has seen fit to ask History Boy what to do and the arrogant ratbag has told her that Winston has to stay. Rumours are rife that Helen is scared witless of what Winston will say if he is cut loose and goes feral. Whilst not wishing to buy into unsubstantiated tittle tattle, it must be bloody good if she is prepared to publicly stand on top of the Waitakeres and gaze out over the Tasman expecting the sunrise.

She's up there by herself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slow motion train wreck

Just get it over and done with. I've had enough of this dreadful political sideshow with $100,000 here, a lying toad there and a bunch of weasel words over yonder. I've tried to avoid commenting on it as it is like knitting fog; and it makes me cross. It just seems to drag on and on. Dear Leader spends all her waking hours saying nothing and yesterday gave Winston First 'one more' chance to get their accounting in order. Why them? Everyone else who has stuffed up even a little bit has had the rozzers knocking on the door sharpish. WRP keeps saying 'wait till I reveal the facts'. He's been saying that for six weeks now. We don't believe a word you say, sunshine. Enough already.

However it appears the end may be in sight with that funny little billionaire in town. If his evidence (and there was some - real bits of paper, affidavits and the like) this arvo at the privileges committee was bad (I mean good) enough his interview on Campbell Live an hour ago was surely the final nail in a number of coffins. Not just WRP's but Dear Leader and Mike WIlliams must be reaching for the single malt about now. And did you see History Boy in the Committee this afternoon. 'Winston's brother might have picked up Winston's cellphone and pretended to be him' Pullease. Listen, you stupid git, we are not all moronic tossers who will swallow any old BS you deem fit to throw our way.

We are so over you and all your lying mates. We've had to put up with you for nine long bloody years whilst you've told us what to do. We've sat here in ovine mode and taken every bit of bollocks legislation you've rammed down our throats. We've sat idly by and watched as you've economically shafted us individually and as a nation with your looney commie policies. Your individual and collective credibility now struggles to reach negative figures. You ponce around in Wellington with your supercilious manner on my money. You take my hard earned money off me in taxes and generally squander it on people and things I wouldn't give the time of day to. You occasionally and grudgingly see fit to give me some of money back in the guise of 'Tax Cuts' and expect me to be grateful and not see them for what they really are - election bribes. You spend my more of my money signing up to economically ruining this country in the name of saving the Planet because it suits your stupid Socialist view of the world order. You treat me like an idiot and expect to be returned for three more years of idiocy. And you do this all on the back of a tissue of lies and a web of deceit. Hellfire you make me so bloody angry.

Well its payback time. You've been found out and you are going down. Now just piss off out of my life - forever.